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E!, Style Face Dish Disconnect On Jan. 1

Add executives at E!, Style and Dish Network to those who will be engaged in contract negotiations on New Year's Eve.The parties face the expiration of their contract at midnight on Jan. 1.
The Comcast-owned networks are running crawls on their air indicating that Dish customers could lose the services in January. In a statement, network officials said they are in renewal talks with the DBS provider.
"We are in active negotiations with Dish Network. We are trying to reach a fair agreement, however, it is our belief they will once again turn their backs on their subscribers by dropping the networks and holding E! and Style fans hostage. In actively choosing to discontinue these two networks, Dish is denying their subscribers E!, the ultimate network for entertainment fans with marquee January events from exclusive coverage of "Red Carpet" season to the premiere of the new season of the Kardashian show Kourtney & Kim Take NY, and Style, the home of transformations, from fashion, to beauty to home, featuring all-new seasons of Kimora and Jerseylicious.
The networks are encouraging viewers to visit or call 877-5-Fans-Fight to make their voice heard.
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