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E! Online Gets a Makeover

E! Online has relaunched its website,, using what the company is calling a new patent-pending "liquid platform" to better showcase its content, and has made a number of other improvements to its other digital offerings with a revamped E! Online app and mobile website.

For the relaunch, E! also cut a deal with Samsung Mobile and its new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III, for Samsung to be a "presenting sponsor" of the site.

"Our biggest challenge in designing a new site was to create something that could support our large volume of news, topical and show-based content, while still giving the presentation a beautiful, glossy appearance," said John Najarian, executive VP of E! Digital Media and Business Development. "A standard news or blog format just couldn't fulfill our primary goal of increasing access to content for our fans and advertising partners."

The new liquid platform used on the relaunch site is an exclusive proprietary technology that was developed to offer an improved user experience while providing advertisers and their editorial teams with greater flexibility in the delivery of online content.

On the editorial side, the new platform simplifies the addition of new content and provides greater flexibility in the way it is presented. For example, when editorial teams add a story, photo, or video to the site, the liquid platform automatically reformats the page so that all other content flows around it seamlessly.

The presentation also adjusts to the size of a user's screen and browser to improve the viewing experience.

Other new features include the new daily web show Live From E! and some major upgrades to the E! Online's mobile products. These include a relaunched E! Online mobile app and a revamped mobile site.