E! Announces Docu-Series 'Scouted'

E! announced Thursday a new docu-series, Scouted, set to premiere Nov. 28 at 10 p.m., that
will follow local model scouts as they search for fresh faces to join the
modeling industry.

The eight-episode, one-hour series features undiscovered
models as they train with their scouts and eventually make their way to New
York -- provided One Management, a talent agency, requests a meeting with the
prospective model.

Michael Flutie, founder of talent agency Madwood Media, will
act as the creative director, as well as executive producer. Model Beri Smither
will train the girls as the model mentor, with Dani Stahl as image and style
consultant.  Julia Samersova will be the
director of scouting on the series.

Scouted is produced
by Cris Abrego Productions, with Cris Abrego serving as executive producer,
alongside Flutie, Ben Samek, Rabih Gholam and Angela Aguilera.