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DVice Squad: Sci Fi Channel to Relaunch Technology Blog

Tech fans may have a new place to look up HD gadgetry.

On Nov. 27, Sci Fi Channel plans to relaunch its technology blog, Sci Fi Tech, as a stand-alone site called DVice. The site will mix consumer-focused reviews with an online show.

The show, also called DVice, will profile offbeat gadgets in normal situations (say, people on pogo-stick stilts jumping around Central Park) with normal gadgets in offbeat situations (like asking passersby whether one would look hotter with an iPhone or the new Palm).

Although not as popular as tech blogs such as Gizmodo and Engadget, Sci Fi Tech ranks No. 551 out of 112 million tech sites, according to blog ranking service Technorati. With a new broadband show and a push from the TV network, Sci Fi is hoping that the relaunched site will become a force of its own.

The move fits into Sci Fi’s efforts to grow its brand beyond the TV channel (it launched comic books earlier this year) and attract technology-oriented advertisers.

So, why no "e" in its name? "We wanted to stress the ‘vice’ aspect of technology," said Craig Engler, senior vice president of and Sci Fi Magazine. "It can be addicting, but in a good way."