DoubleVerify Offers CTV Ad Viewability Metric

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DoubleVerify said it is offering connected TV advertisers a metric that approximates the viewability standards they get when they buy television advertising.

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The company said that its CTV Fully On-Screen Completion measurement offering is a strong proxy for CTV, which is attracting more advertisers as viewers flock to over-the-top and streaming programming.

“Viewability measurement in the CTV environment has been challenging for multiple reasons – from technical execution to lack of agreed-upon standards,” said Matt McLaughlin, COO of DoubleVerify. “DV’s innovative approach to measuring ad presentation on CTV is a market first. It extends to both the app and device levels, and represents a close proxy to traditional viewability available to advertisers today. Our new solution offers unique components that address the current viewability challenges for CTV advertisers.”

Recently, DoubleVerify launched a new solution to give CTV buyers full transparency and accurate data on where their campaigns are running across all major CTV devices.

DV’s CTV measurement lets advertisers optimize for DV Authentic Impressions wherever their campaigns run. To be counted as Authentic by DV, an impression must be fully viewed, by a human, in a brand safe environment.

“For advertisers, viewability is table stakes across every digital environment and channel,” said Dan Slivjanovski, CMO, DoubleVerify. “We’re excited to launch this landmark solution, bringing buyers an accurate proxy for traditional viewability.” 

DoubleVerify’s Fully On-Screen Completion measurement capabilities offer both quarterly completion metrics, which help advertisers understand how many impressions were played to completion and identify drop-off points along the way, and fully on-screen metrics, which are a  subset of completion metrics, where DV also has performed a VAST Visibility Certification, confirming that impressions originate from sources (devices, apps, and platforms) that deliver 100% of the ad’s pixels on the screen consistently.

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