Dish Launches WeatherNation

Dish Network said it has launched local, regional and national weather news channel WeatherNation, including an interactive app that allows customers to quickly view local weather information.

The deal comes less than a week after Dish renewed a multi-year deal with rival weather service, The Weather Channel.

WeatherNation has promoted itself as an alternative to The Weather Channel, offering a lineup heavy with local and regional forecasts and weather news. Founded in 2009, it made headlines in 2010 as a key player in Dish’s negotiations with the more established weather network.  While Dish’s threats to drop The Weather Channel ultimately never came to be, WeatherNation proved to be an integral player in a later carriage dispute between The Weather Channel and DirecTV. DirecTV dropped The Weather Channel in January 2014 for about three months, restoring the channel in April of that year, but also extended its deal with WeatherNation.

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