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Dish and Comscore Say They’ve Executed More Than 100 Addressable Campaigns Together

Dish Network and Comscore said they have jointly executed more than 100 cross-platform addressable advertising campaigns.

According to the joint benchmark announcement, Dish Media has completed more than 100 addressable campaigns across the Dish satellite TV and Sling TV platforms, using Comscore metric as currency.

Comscore has been an addressable measurement partner of Dish Media since the pay TV operator launched national addressable advertising in 2012. Since January 2018, Comscore has measured cross-platform addressable impressions across OTT, mobile, desktop, and traditional TV for both Dish and Sling TV. Additionally, Dish Media subscribed to Comscore’s core campaign measurement solution, which offers advertisers insight into ad and audience delivery and allows Sling TV to offer brands complete coverage of its inventory with independent third-party verification.

“Comscore and Dish Media have worked together to lead the industry in making major strides in reliable third-party measurement, one of the cornerstones of addressable advertising,” said Kevin Arrix, senior VP of Dish Media. “Hitting 100 cross-platform campaigns using Comscore’s measurement is an important milestone in this evolving industry.”