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Discovery Plans 'How We Invented the World' Docu-Series

Discovery Networks International will produce a five-hour documentary
series How We Invented the World
about the most iconic inventions and breakthroughs of the modern age.

The series will be filmed around the world and will create
customized versions for each of Discovery's key territories. How We Invented the World will premiere
on Discovery Channel in 210 countries in 2012.

Produced by Nutopia, the series will explore past inventions
like the black boxes in planes and cell phones as well as future product

"As the prototype for globalized TV in the future, this
series is epic in scale, idea and budget, while simultaneously retaining local flavor,"
said Julian Bellamy, creative director and head of production and development
for DNI. "It's a fantastic way to kick-start our drive into more original
productions that are international ideas that feed Discovery Channel's global