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Discovery Plans ‘Escobar’s Millions’ for Later This Year

Working on the notion that much of drug lord Pablo Escobar’s fortune is hidden across Colombia and Central America, Discovery is rolling out the series Escobar’s Millions later this year. 

The series follows a pair of former CIA case officers looking to solve the mystery. Together they’ll use their elite skills—along with the latest advancement in GPR (ground-penetrating radar)—to hunt down Escobar’s cash. 

Escobar’s Millions is produced for Discovery Channel by Network Entertainment and Blackfin with Derik Murray and Geno McDermott as executive producers, along with Fred Pichel Show Running and Doug Laux. 

For Discovery Channel, executive producers are Matt Vafiadis and Lindsay Malinchak. Discovery also worked with Colombian production outfit Team Dynamo on the show.