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Discovery Off-the-Grid Show ‘Homestead Rescue’ Returns Jan. 2

A new season of Homestead Rescue starts on Discovery Jan. 2, while a special episode hits the airwaves Dec. 26. The show depicts “homesteading saviors,” as Discovery puts it, Marty, Misty and Matt Raney addressing the most desperate homesteads across America to help struggling folks live off the grid. Topics they cover include securing clean water, growing sustainable crops, protecting livestock and reinforcing failing infrastructure. 

Each family will have to decide if they can stick it out or pack up and return to civilization.

Marty, Misty and Matt are father, daughter and son, respectively.

Discovery said two million Americans have attempted to live off the grid in the last decade.

Season four shows the host trio working “tirelessly to locate clean drinking water on toxic lands, build an entire cabin from scratch in seven days, dig a massive dam in a flood zone, craft life-saving wildfire protection, and automate a homestead to function on its own while its residents are away,” said Discovery.

Homestead Rescue is produced for Discovery by Raw Television. For Raw Television, Mike Griffiths and Sam Maynard are executive producers. For Discovery, John Slaughter executive produces.