Discovery Going Continent-By-Continent For Specials

Discovery Channel is partnering with Wild Horizons Ltd. and Keith Scholey, the former head of the BBC's natural history unit, on a seven part documentary series exploring the earth's continents.

The first installment, Wild Planet: North America (wt), will explore the North American continent from the Arctic Circle to Mexico. Production on the special will begin in Fall 2009.

"Embarking a project of this magnitude is a jewel in the crown at Discovery Channel," said John Ford, president and general manager of Discovery Channel, announcing the project. "Wild Planet: North America will highlight the sweeping beauty and majesty of the continent and its rich diversity. Having Keith at the helm is guaranteed to deliver a series that will ignite our viewers' passion for the world around them."

Discovery has had success airing other natural history projects, most notably Planet Earth, which garnered huge ratings when it premiered in 2007.