Discovery Goes Live Into the Blue Hole Dec. 2

Discovery will explore a remote spot off the coast of Belize when Discovery Live: Into the Blue Hole premieres Sunday, Dec. 2. The show airs 4-6 p.m. ET.

The Blue Hole is known for crystal-clear water and an abundance of sharks and sea life. Discovery said it has only been fully explored once, by Jacques Cousteau in 1971.

“Venturing into the unknown as well as exploring the world with new technology in the name of science and entertainment has always been at the core of Discovery’s DNA,” said Scott Lewers, executive VP, multiplatform programming and digital media. We’re thrilled to be bringing such a major expedition to Discovery.”

Discovery has tapped a team of leading explorers to venture to the bottom of the sink hole in a submersible. The team will include Sir Richard Branson; Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau; and Erika Bergman, the pilot. The mission will be the very first time since 1971 that anyone has attempted such a feat.

The special will explore how the Blue Hole was created and how technology has evolved since Cousteau’s mission, and will look into the many legends surrounding this unique spot.

Marine biologist Luke Tipple hosts alongside Chris Jacobs.

Discovery Live: Into the Blue Hole is produced for Discovery Channel by INE, Impossible Works and Discovery Studios. For INE, Mark Koops and Sarah Davies are executive producers. For Impossible Works, TC Conway is executive producer. For Discovery Studios, Sandy Jarrell and Gregg Moscott hold that title. For Discovery Channel, Scott Lewers and Christina Bavetta are executive producers.

Michael Malone

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