Discovery Gives ‘Deadliest Catch’ TV’s Biggest Promo Push

B&C has partnered with attention and conversion analytics company to bring you a weekly chart we call Promo Mojo: exclusive data showing the top five TV promos ranked by TV ad impressions. These are the shows networks have been promoting most heavily to drive tune-in (our data covers the seven-day period through April 22).

Cable networks sweep the top five, starting with Discovery Channel. Promos for its Emmy-winning documentary series Deadliest Catch racked up 186.5 million TV ad impressions, grabbing the top spot in our ranking.

HGTV makes two appearances, first with a feel-good multi-series promo at number two, and then again for mother-daughter home-reno show Good Bones at number four. TBS takes third place for its The Last O.G. promos, while Food Network closes out our ranking with Iron Chef Gauntlet.

Notably, Iron Chef Gauntlet scores the highest iSpot Attention Index (137) in our ranking, with its promos getting 37% fewer interruptions than the average promo (interruptions include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV).