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Discovery Dumps Corliss

Discovery Channel has dumped Jeb Corliss from its Stunt Junkies series after the host tried, unsuccessfully, to jump from the Empire State Building.

In a statement released Friday, the company said: "We are beyond disappointed at his serious lack of judgment and his reckless behavior. As such, Mr. Corliss will not be associated with any future Discovery Networks projects including future episodes of Stunt Junkies."

The show, produced by CBS Productions, "operates under the most stringent regulations to ensure the safety of the athletes participating as well as the production crew," said the channel in a statement. "The network requires its producers to obtain all the necessary permits and permissions from local authorities prior to filming.  No one at the network had any knowledge of Jeb Corliss's activities at the Empire State Building. 

Corliss was attempting a "base jump" from the 86th floor observation deck of the Manhattan skyscraper.

He entered the building in a a rubber mask and a foam fat suit to diguise his parachute and video gear. Building staff had been tipped to the stunt and a guard grabbed Corliss’ leg as he climbed over a security fence before he could jump.

The story became national news fodder, with video of police extracting Corliss from his perch and some debate over whether he would have to pay for the piece of iron railing that was removed to get him--he had been handcuffed to the fence.--John M. Higgins contributed to this story.