Discovery Channel, BBC One Team for ‘History of the World'

Discovery Channel U.S. and BBC One are teaming up for the new series History of the World, which tells the story of human history.

The eight-part series from creator Andrew Marr will be shot all over the world and will explore the significance of decisive moments in history, calling it "the definitive account of human civilization." Discovery Channel U.S., BBC Vision Productions, BBC Worldwide and The Open University produce History of the World.

"No one has captured 20,000 years of human history quite like this before," said Clark Bunting, president and general manager of Discovery Channel and president of Science Channel. "Beginning at the end of the last Ice Age and ending in our modern age, each tells the stories of real people, their civilizations, cultures, successes, and crashing failures. A story that charts progress, development and change through the centuries, and that reminds us of where we came from - and where we are now."

This new series comes shortly after the announcement that BBC and Discovery Communications extended their long-term North American co-production partnership until 2014.

Chris Granlund is executive producer for the BBC, Kathryn Taylor is the series producer, Susan Winslow is executive producer for Discovery Channel U.S., Catherine McCarthy is executive producer for The Open University and Jonathan Stamp serves as consultant for BBC Worldwide.