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DirecTV Adding Fantasy Football Channel

DirecTV said it will launch a live fantasy-football show available only to NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscribers, debuting this fall on Sunday afternoon during the National Football League regular season.

DirecTV Fantasy Zone will air on channel 704 on the satellite-TV provider's lineup, alongside DirecTV's Red Zone Channel highlight service, and provide analysis and statistics powered by Fantasy along with multiple on-screen tickers with real-time statistics, key-player updates and other information helpful to fans involved with rotisserie leagues. The hosts will be Kay Adams, of NBC Sports and, and former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones. Fantasy-football analyst John Hansen also will be featured, along with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Adickes, commenting on player injuries.

The show will air live from a New York City loft, DirecTV said. The NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Sunday Ticket Max packages are exclusive DirecTV offerings showing all out-of-market NFL games and is free for the first year for all new DirecTV subscribers: otherwise the pricing as listed is $239.94 for Sunday Ticket and $329.94 for Max. Max is an enhanced version of NFL Sunday Ticket that includes extra services including Red Zone Channel, streaming rights and this new channel.

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