Diane Sawyer Books Bruce Jenner Interview

ABC News has finally confirmed that Diane Sawyer has interviewed Bruce Jenner and will air the sit-down as a two-hour primetime special on Friday, April 24.

The interview, in which Jenner will discuss his sex-change, was done prior to his involvement in a February accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in which one woman was killed. ABC News did not give much detail about the special, describing it as “far-ranging.”

An upcoming docuseries on E!, the same network that airs Keep Up With the Kardashians, is said to be in the works, though reports have also said the project is on hold. Doing the interview with ABC, instead of NBC which, like E!, is owned by NBCUniversal, raises questions about Jenner’s relationship with the network.

David Sloan is the senior executive producer, Mark Robertson and Jessica Velmans are senior producers and Margaret Dawson and Sean Dooley are lead producers on this special.