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Diana Wilkin Named CBS Affiliate-Relations President

WPEC West Palm Beach, Fla., vice president and general manager Diana Wilkin was named president of affiliate relations for CBS.

She succeeds Peter Schruth and will oversee business affairs and contract renewals, among other things. She leaves WPEC, which she joined in April, for her new position in New York.

CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves called Wilkin a “strong, battle-tested station manager. She has distinguished herself as a rising leader in our industry and has invaluable experience overseeing distribution from the network perspective.”

Wilkin is a veteran of the CBS affiliates board. Prior to running Freedom Broadcasting’s WPEC, she managed Clear Channel’s CBS-Fox duopoly in Jacksonville, Fla.

"The network-affiliate relationship has proven itself to be one of the most durable business models in media,” she said. “However, with the explosion of new media and heightened competition from cable, as well as topics like carriage fees brimming on the horizon, it’s vitally important that we take a proactive role in all of these issues.”