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Deborah Norville Returns to 'Inside Edition' After Thyroid Surgery

Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville returned to the show Monday after having surgery to remove most of her thyroid.

"I'm so grateful," Norville said. "I've gotten so many messages from so many nice people and I promise I am going to respond to every single one of you.”

Although, ”it might take a little while,” she added.

Norville was diagnosed with thyroid cancer late last month. Years ago, an alert viewer alerted her that there might be a growth on her thyroid. At the time there wasn’t, but Norville and her doctor have continued to keep a close eye on it. Dr. William Kuhel of Weill Cornell Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital performed surgery on April 2. 

“The area where the thyroid is located is also where the nerves that control your voice box are located," Norville said. "And let’s face it, I talk for a living, so it was very, very scary for me.”

The surgery went as planned, however, and Norville's stitches, which were placed under her skin to keep scarring at a minimum, were removed on Friday.

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