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Dauman Wants Date for Massachusetts Trial

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman has filed a motion seeking to have a date set for a trial in his Massachusetts lawsuit against Sumner Redstone, the company’s controlling shareholder.

The motion sees an expedited scheduling conference and reminds probate court judge George Phelan that a court in Delaware has already set a court date the week of Oct. 17. The Delaware judge wants discovery in the two cases coordinated in order to minimize the imposition on the 93-year-old Redstone.

“A prompt scheduling conference before this court would asset the parties and the Court in establishing an orderly and efficient schedule for this expedited litigation,” the motion says.

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In the Massachusetts case, Dauman is challenging Redstone’s move to remove Dauman as a director of Redstone’s holding company and as a trustee of the trust that will control Redstone’s assets when he dies or is declared incompetent.

In Delaware, Viacom directors are challenging Redstone’s attempt to remove and replace five board members including Dauman.

During Viacom’s earnings call Thursday, Dauman said the battle with Redstone was “somewhat distracting” but said the October trial would help resolve the ownership controversy.