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Dauman: Viacom Could Return To Hulu

Just hours before it is scheduled to remove
content from two popular
Comedy Central shows from online TV site Hulu, Viacom CEO Philippe
Dauman told
an audience at an investor conference that it could return to the site,
only if there was a way to monetize the content.

Viacom is scheduled to pull two popular Comedy Central programs -- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
and The Colbert Report  --
from at 11:59 p.m.
(PST) on March 9. At the Credit Suisse Global Media and
Communications conference in Palm
Beach , Fla. , Tuesday,
Dauman said that the shows could eventually return to the online

Dauman said that Viacom always considered its
Hulu relationship, which
began 21-months ago, a test.
"In the current economic model, there is not that much in it for us to
continue at this time," Dauman said at the conference. "If they can
get to the point where the monetization model is better, then we may go

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