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Dauman Sells $10.6M More Viacom Stock

Philippe Dauman, who resigned as CEO of Viacom on Saturday, is wasting no time selling off stock in the troubled media company.

In a filing with the SEC on Friday, Dauman said he sold 166,169 shares on Wednesday for an average price of $41.778 and 86,883 shares on Thursday at $41.5112. Proceeds from those two sales is $10.6 million.

In a previous filing, Dauman disclosed that he’d sold 427,946 shares on Monday and Tuesday worth $17.8 million.

Altogether he’s sold stock worth $28.4 million

Dauman still owns  750,280 shares and received a golden parachute worth at least $72 million when he resigned his post after losing a battle for control of the company to the Redstone family, which owns a majority of the voting stock..