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Daryn Kagan Leaving CNN

CNN anchor Daryn Kagan is leaving the network to start an online inspirational Website, Kagan, who has been with CNN for 12 years, will continue her regular anchoring gig from 10 a.m. through noon until Sept. 1.

Kagan joined CNN as a sports anchor in 1994, after working in local TV in Phoenix, AZ, and moved to news reporting in 1998.

In an e-mail to colleagues, Kagan said she was excited about her new venture, an "online community dedicated to the radical idea that the world is a good place." She said the site will launch Nov. 13.

Announcing Kagan's departure to CNN staff members this morning, CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein noted Kagan's love for CNN, saying she had "thrown herself into her work with the network for years." 

Sources close to the network said CNN has been courting New York-based news anchor Heidi Collins to replace Kagan. CNN declined to comment on her replacement.
In other CNN news, Sam Feist, senior executive producer of political programming has added political director to his resume. As a senior executive producer since 2003, Feist has overseen the network’s political programming, including The Situation Room. With his additional duties, Feist will coordinate all facets of CNN’s daily political coverage. Feist began his CNN career in CNN’s London bureau in 1990 and joined CNN full-time at its Atlanta headquarters in 1991.