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Dailymotion Ad Platform Selling CTV Inventory

Vivendi’s Dailymotion has begun selling connected TV inventory through the company’s proprietary ad platform.

As more viewers cut the cable cord and turn to streaming, ad buyers have been following those eyeballs, increasing the demand for video delivered via connected TVs.

“In the evolving digital landscape, CTV presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers to scale campaigns worldwide while reaching an attractive audience,” said Adam Irlando, senior VP of global demand at Dailymotion. “With the prevalence of smart TVs, new over-the-top offerings and better broadband options, the cord-cutting mindset is no longer associated purely with penny-pinching, younger more tech-savvy audiences. The CTV audience continues to expand globally and increasingly, to those viewers that were once believed to be accessible exclusively via linear TV.”

Dailymotion said it has more than 2,000 premium content providers on its CTV app, which is available on Samsung Smart TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, Xbox and Android TV devices.

Media buyers had been able to use Dailymotion’s ad platform to purchase desktop, mobile and tablet inventory.

“As CTV continues to resonate with viewers, marketers must implement new initiatives to reach their audiences. CTV campaigns advance digital advertising efforts to better connect with viewers across on-demand platforms in a less-saturated, albeit, increasingly competitive market,” said Irlando. “With over 90% completion rate, our CTV inventory maximizes viewer attention and engagement for marketers.”