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‘Daily Show’ Preps President Trump Twitter Library

In a nod to how presidents are honored with memorial libraries, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is crafting the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, showcasing our president’s “preferred vessel for communicating with the public.”

The Twitter Library will open in June in New York and will be free to the public. According to The Daily Show, the exhibit will feature a fully interactive, hands-on experience, giving patrons the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to memorialize and celebrate the many “unpresidented” moments of President Trump’s Twitter history.

“It will be tremendous,” says The Daily Show. “It will be so tremendous that you’ll get tired of the tremendousness, so it will then close only a few days later. Sad!”

Trevor Noah, Steve Bodow, Jen Flanz and Jill Katz are the executive producers of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.