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The Daily Show Hosts Pakistan's Musharraf

In a first for the program, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart welcomed it's first head of state, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. Stewart welcomed the president with a traditional cup of jasmine green tea--and a Twinkie.

After the pleasantries were exchanged, Stewart leveled his first question on the president, "Where is Osama Bin Laden?"  The president, good-natured in return, replied, " I don't know.  You know where he is? You lead on, we'll follow you."Musharraf, who is an ally to the United States and President Bush in the war on terrorism, nonetheless had some frank comments about the war in Iraq. He conceded that the war had led to more extremism and terrorism in the world, and said he thought both Bush and Osama Bin Laden would "lose miserably" if put to a popular vote.Musharraf was in New York at part of his U.S. tour to promote his new memoir, In The Line of Fire.