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CW Signs Up for Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings

The CW, a pioneer in selling advertisers commercials in
programs whether they are viewed over the air or online, announced that it has
become the first TV network to sign on for Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings.

With its young-skewing viewership, the CW adopted a
convergence strategy to be able to better monetize its audience. Nielsen Online
Campaign Ratings allows the CW to guarantee ad buys by providing data on
demographic impressions, reach, frequency and gross ratings points for all of
the CW's Internet ad campaigns in the same way Nielsen measure ads on TV.

"We're thrilled that Nielsen has taken this important step
forward in digital measurement, providing us with next day demographic
impressions for our clients' online campaigns that will further enhance our
groundbreaking convergence sales strategy," Rob Tuck, executive VP of sales for
the CW, said in a statement. "With our young, tech-savvy audience,
comprehensive measurement across all platforms is crucial. The CW has always
been an industry leader in digital, and we're excited to work with Nielsen to
deliver the most complete insights and results to our advertisers."

This season, the CW will be making its programming available
online faster than other networks in order to meet the demand from its
audience, which is consuming a larger share of its video on demand over the

"Advertisers have long sought metrics that provide concrete
understanding of who they're reaching online and on TV and the ability to
compare the two. Media companies like The CW are taking action to demonstrate
their value across screens," said Steve Hasker, president, media products and advertiser
solutions at Nielsen. "We are extremely excited to have The CW on board with
Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings."