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Current TV Wants Consumers to Shape 'Karma'

Current TV, with a social media assist from consumers, will bow Bar Karma on Feb. 11.

Karma, created by Will Wright, the creator of videogame "The Sims," and
ex-Nickelodeon executive Albie Hecht, revolves around the staff and
patrons who frequent a bar set in outer space. The network has ordered a
dozen episodes.
Starring William Sanderson (True Blood, Lost, Deadwood), Matthew Humphreys (Obsessed, Big Love, The Forgotten) and Cassie Howarth (Deranged High, Deathclock), the series trades on the possibilities surrounding the scenario: "A guy or girl walks into a bar..."

Those are being shaped in part by Wright's innovative, easy-to-use Storymaker application, accessible at The app can now also be reached through an iPhone App.

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