Cross-Platform Viewing Boosts 'Under the Dome' Audience

A notable example of how multiple platforms can
significantly boost viewing numbers can be found in recently released research
from CBS.

That data shows that the audience for the premiere episode
of Under the Dome jumps from 13.53
million for live plus same day viewing to nearly 20 million (19.86 million),
when seven day DVR playback, 22 day VOD viewing and 22 day viewing of online
streaming were added.

The figures also highlight an ongoing problem with
multiplatform measurement because they exclude streaming on Amazon. Amazon,
Netflix and others over-the-top players generally do not release specific data
on viewing of their shows, making it difficult to gauge usage.

In releasing the numbers, CBS noted that the figures do "not
include viewership from Amazon's Prime Instant Video," which provides exclusive
online subscription access to all episodes of Under the Dome four days after the broadcast on CBS.

CBS also noted that "while not reporting specific streaming
figures," Amazon said that the first episode of the show "was the most-watched
TV premiere in the history of the service," and that Under the Dome "continues to be watched by more customers than any
other series on Prime Instant Video."

CBS released these specific breakdowns of viewing by

Under the Dome Premiere Episode Cross-Platform Viewing

Live + Same Day               13,530,000

Live+7 Day Lift                   4,230,000

VOD 22 Days                      1,605,513

Streaming 22 Days           491,448*  


 Source: TV=Nielsen NPM, VOD=Rentrak,
Streaming=CBS Interactive Internal Data.

*Does not include Amazon Prime streaming figures