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Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings Product Launched

Nielsen announced that it is launching its long-awaited
Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings product.

The ratings company has been working on the project with
ESPN, Facebook, GroupM, Hulu and Unilever. Its goal is to measure the reach of
video advertising across screens.

"Creating a way to reach, measure and monetize inventory
across screens and platforms advances the industry toward the high caliber,
seamless standard that can provide new opportunities for players across the
industry," Steve Hasker, president, global media products and advertiser
solutions at Nielsen said in a statement. "Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign
Ratings is an exciting step in helping advertisers, agencies and publishers
further understand the impact of their campaigns, wherever they run -- across
platforms and markets around the world."

Nielsen says the product answers demand from advertisers at
a time when more media is being consumed on multiple platforms. According to
the latest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report, in addition to watching 34-plus hours
of TV per week, the average American spends nearly five hours online on the
computer. Nielsen also said more than half of Americans now watch video online,
with online viewing increasing average weekly video consumption to somewhere
around 35 hours.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings combines data from
Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings and its national TV panel to create comparable
metrics for TV and online advertising campaign. Nielsen says campaign reporting
is available the day after the launch of a campaign, providing data on
unduplicated and incremental reach, frequency and GRP measures.