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Court TV’s O.J. Simpson Trial Series to Launch Jan. 23

The new Court TV said it will launch its 37-part series, OJ25, marking the 25th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson murder case on Jan. 23 at 9 p.m.

The Simpson trial was a national sensation and drew a massive audience to the original Court TV, which was closed by Time Warner and turned into truTV in 2008.

The new Court TV was started last year by E.W. Scripps’ Katz Broadcasting unit.

Using the old Court TV library, the network will recap what happened at the trial each week--from when it began on Jan. 24, 1995 until the verdict in October.

OJ25 will also include new interviews with Simpson case personalities including Alan Dershowitz, F. Lee Bailey, Mark Fuhrman, Tanya Brown and Freed and Kim Goldman.

Court TV will also make the complete trial available in weekly installments on every Thursday, starting Jan. 23.

OJ25 will be hosted by Roger Cossack, who covered the trial as an analyst for CNN.

Cossak was a college classmate of Robert Shapiro, one of Simpson’s lawyers, and was told about defense strategies that he’s never made public. He will talk about them during the series.