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‘Cougar Club LA’ Debuts on Playboy TV

Cougar Club LA, which Playboy TV calls its “most ambitious series yet,” debuts March 19 at 10 p.m. The docuseries “puts you in a mansion with five sensual, mature and single women who are always looking to devour young men,” according to Playboy.

Cougars are, of course, older women seeking younger men. The series will reveal aspects of these particular cougars’ “catch and release” mating rituals, promises Playboy.

Cougar Club follows an amazing group of women who are beautiful, fearless and unapologetically predatory,” said Wendy Miller,Playboy TV VP of programming and production. "Women who are older than their male partners have a completely different power dynamic. Cougars take charge and younger guys are more than happy to oblige a woman who’s confident, experienced and goes after exactly what she wants.”  

A promo on YouTube shows the women lounging in hot tubs, firing guns, practicing their mixed martial arts, and of course canoodling with younger men.