Cooper Contributing to 60 Minutes

They may have to start calling it "360 Minutes."

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been named a contributor to CBS News' 60 Minutes, CBS News and Sports President Sean McManus and CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein said Monday. He remains a full-time CNN employee. 

The anchor of CNN’s 10 p.m. news hour, Anderson Cooper 360, will contribute up to five reports a year  beginning next season, with a one-time rebroadcast of the reports on his CNN program.

Cooper, who remains with CNN, contributed two reports to 60 Minutes II  in 2004-05. 

“I’m delighted to be able to bring Anderson Cooper’s varied talents to 60 Minutes,” said McManus.  “He has the curiosity and the desire and will be a great fit.”

“Anderson’s work for 60 Minutes continues a unique collaboration we’ve had with CBS News and 60 Minutes for several years,” said Klein.  “We are also pleased that we have arranged, for the first time, for CNN to air Anderson’s 60 Minutes reports.”

Klein points out that the move continues a symbiotic relationship with CBS. CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour was a contributor to 60 Minutes for several years, a relationship that ended last season, according to CBS.