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Connekt Gets Patent For TV Commerce Technology

Connekt said it has been awarded a patent for technology that enables viewers to research and purchase items viewed on TV and video using remote controls and other devices.

The technology is already in use by top consumer brands, TV networks and their agencies to allow consumers to interact with items shown in ads.

“With unprecedented levels of connectivity in the home, consumers now have the ability to engage and transact securely with content across devices, and brands have new ways to interact with them,” said David Rudnick, CTO of Connekt. “Our patent uniquely simplifies interactive TV buying by converging video advertising, content and commerce practices.”

With Connekt’s new patent, it’s possible for audiences to discover and purchase the specific brand of racket a world-class tennis player is using during a televised match. Similarly, if a TV ad for pizza appears during a college football game, audiences are now able to initiate an order through the remote or voice control.

The platform-based SaaS solutions patent enables brands to safely conduct commerce on video to increase revenue. Connekt says users have already seen their TV investments become more targeted, engaging, transactable and measurable.

“Connekt’s patented technology is allowing us to create smarter video and TV ad experiences for our brands,” said Bre Rossetti, senior VP, director strategy & innovation from Havas Media. "With an unparalleled market offering, Connekt’s platform helps us provide rich, detailed insights - backed by data - about consumer viewing habits to help our clients make more informed buying decisions.”

Connekt said it works with LG, Sony, Nielsen, ABC, CBS and Showtime, brands like Chipotle, Eli Lilly, P&G and Target and all of the agency holding companies.