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'Conan' Gets Synchronized

TBS' Conan is launching a new synch or second screen app that offers original content synchronized with the live late-night show.

AT&T has signed on as the launch sponsor for the Team Coco tablet app, which is available for free to the Apple and Android operating systems.

"Conan draws the youngest and most digitally connected audience in late night, so it makes perfect sense that Team Coco is the first in late-night television to create a synchronized app for fans," said Dennis Adamovich, senior vice president of brand and digital activation for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in a statement. "With this new app, Team Coco is transforming Conan into an immersive, interactive experience that can be enjoyed whenever you want."

As the exclusive launch sponsor, AT&T's brand is being integrated into the show and in the app, with synched messaging tied to the in-show integrations and AT&T commercials.

In making the announcement Turner also noted that AT&T's three-month exclusive sponsorship also extends across the Turner Digital network of sites and Team Coco social media sites with branded media. An team from MEC helped create and manage the program on behalf of AT&T.

Original content available on the app includes video clips, photos, slide shows, background information on guests, live billboard comments, Facebook and Twitter feeds, trivial, polls, quizzes and other content. Up to 25 different bits of original content will be delivered at specific times during the show.

"The 'sync' feature not only provides tablet-exclusive content, but also makes dual-screen viewing of Conan a compelling social experience -- allowing viewers to interact with one another within the app," added John A. Wooden, general manager and executive producer of Team Coco Digital. "The tablet app also includes all the video clips, photos and Web-exclusive content that make so popular."

Turner is also hoping that the new app will help build on the already extensive digital activity surrounding the show. Conan O'Brien's has amassed 5,049,000 followers on Twitter, more than any other late-night host Turner contends. Video clips from the show on, viral players and YouTube attracted more than 83 million video views in 2011 and the Team Coco Facebook page has drawn more than 1.8 million fans, nearly doubling the page's January 2011 figures.