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Comedy Central’s Daily Show Reports from Iraq … Really

Beginning Monday, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will feature a daily report from “senior war correspondent” Rob Riggle -- filed from Iraq.

Riggle toured Iraq earlier this month as part of a USO/Multi-National Corps entertainment tour called “Operation Feel the Heat.”

While the Daily Show frequently features correspondents in the field, they are almost always shot in front of a green screen, feet away from the desk where Stewart anchors the program.

Comedy Central released this statement regarding the special reports: “Join The Daily Showwith Jon Stewart for ‘Operation Silent Thunder: The Daily Show in Iraq,’ a week of special reports filed from Iraq. Yes, actual Iraq, not green-screen Iraq. Daily Show senior war correspondent Rob Riggle will provide in-depth coverage and insights from the front lines throughout the country where he was embedded with the troops and learned just how hot 120° really feels.”

Riggle himself is a major in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, where he served in Liberia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.