Comedy Central Orders 'Ugly Americans'

Comedy Central has given a series order to the animated program Ugly Americans. The half-hour series takes place in an alternate universe New York City where creatures from the horror and fantasy genres live among ordinary people. Mark Lilly, a  social worker, helps both humans and creatures alike adapt to life in the Big Apple. The series will premiere in the first quarter of 2010.

"During these tough economic times our viewers need a good laugh now more than ever," said Comedy Central programming president Lauren Corrao. "With the pick-up of Ugly Americans, our viewers will be able to escape into a fantasy world like they've never seen before."

The network also unveiled its development slate, including projects from actor Jamie Foxx, comedians Andy Dick, Ron White, Judah Friedlander and rapper/actor Ice Cube.

The Jamie Foxx project is an animated series based loosely of his satellite radio program The Foxxole. Comedy has ordered a pilot script.

The Andy Dick project will be a sketch/variety show mixing digital shorts, sketch’s, animated segments, man on the street interviews and guests. The show will likely be 11 minutes long if it goes to series, continuing Comedy’s move toward adding programs of varying lengths. The network has already ordered 11-minute series Secret Girlfriend. The network has given Dick’s project a pilot order.

The untitled Ron White project will feature branded segments and remotes from the heartland, telling a story through White’e everyman perspective. The networks has ordered a pilot presentation.

Gypsy Cab stars 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander as a crazed gypsy cab driver trying to be the best in the business. Along the way he will pick up guests including Dave Attell, Jim Gaffigan, John Mayer and Sarah Silverman.

The Life will reunite Ice Cube and DJ Pooh for their first project since the film Friday. The Life follows a one-hit-wonder music star as he tries to make it in Los Angeles.

Ghost/Aliens, a cast contingent pilot following a couple of stoners in Leonard Michigan that expose the truth about ghosts and aliens.

The Midwest Teen Sex Show, based on the web series of the same name. Each week the show will discuss a single topic, i.e. masturbation, one night stands with comedic verve.
Workaholics is about a group of guys out of college living and working together. It is based on the web series of the same name.

The Invadersteins, an animated series that follows the lives of an alien family that stays on earth after the rest of their species retreated back to their home planet following a failed invasion.

The Sklar Brothers Sports Comedy Show, a half hour show about two brothers that won a small tike trading card company in the process of being bought out by a large conglomerate.

Boys and Girls Guide To Getting Down, based on the film of the same name. the series will feature fast paced adventures in the city, while a narrator gives advice on how to "get down" among other things.

Best Buds, a stoner comedy set at a medical marijuana dispensary. Rather than being slackers, the protagonists are motivated, and try to pursue the American dream their own way.