Comcast Partners Up to Forge Secure ‘Blockchain’ Platform to Boost TV Ad Efficiency

Comcast’s Advanced Advertising Group said it is working with several partners on the development of "Blockchain Insights Platform" that aims to boost the efficiency of premium video advertising and enable a secure exchange of non-personal audience data for addressable ads.

That platform will result in “better planning, targeting, execution and measurement across screens,” according to the division, which includes tech and products from Strata, FreeWheel and Visible World.

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Among applications, the platform could help advertisers and programmers match data sets more effectively in order to develop and execute media plans based on custom audience segments and to improve targeting precision across screens, Comcast said.

With consumer privacy as a priority, each blockchain participant’s data would stay in their own systems and they would continue to manage the protection and privacy of their users, Comcast said.

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