CNN Testing New 10 P.M. Show '(Get To) The Point'

Starting Monday, CNN will replace repeats of Anderson
Cooper 360
at 10 p.m. with new panel show (Get to) the Point, which
will air through this week at the hour.

The Point features political pundit Margaret Hoover,
ad executive Donny Deutsch, ESPN columnist Rick Reilly and ESPN NFL analyst
Jason Taylor. A CNN spokesperson says the show is a weeklong special
programming series, but presumably it could be expanded to a permanent replacement
in success as new CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker looks to revamp the
network's primetime lineup.

The show launched its own Twitter
on Monday morning.

The 10 p.m. hour has been a likely spot for a
new show since AC360 repeats started airing there in July 2011. In an interviewwith B&C last month, Turner Broadcasting CEO Phil Kent
acknowledged, "I think we need at least one new primetime show."