CNN Launching

CNN is launching, a broadband expansion of its iReport initiative.

Under the initiative, CNN solicits material from viewers that may be used on the network or on According to CNN only about 10% of submissions received end up being used on its Web site or on TV, and the new site is meant to address that problem. will post all submissions from users, with the most useful material being used on the network.

Last year, some of the most compelling footage from the Virginia Tech massacre and the bridge collapse in Minnesota came from videos submitted through iReport.

“CNN is tremendously excited to launch this new global community site, a destination for all iReports and iReporters,” said Susan Grant, executive vice president of CNN News Services, in a statement. “We are thrilled to now have a platform where all iReport submissions are available for anyone and everyone who wants to view them.”

The network said it will not vet posts to the site, although content guidelines forbid obscene language, hate speech and copyrighted material from being published.

Much like YouTube, users will be able to form their own channels and profile pages, allowing people to subscribe to their reports and view friends’ material.