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CMT Orders ‘World's Strictest Parents'

CMT has ordered a new show, World's Strictest Parents. The series, a sort of Wife Swap for unruly teens, will take the kids and put them in homes with, as the title suggests, very strict parents. The kids will have to face punishment for poor behavior as the parents try to change their ways.

CMT is pairing the new series with another show about unruly children, Nanny 911, which it acquired off-net rights to last year. CMT had ordered eight episodes of World's Strictest Parents, which will debut in April.

Jeff Cvengros, Nick Emmerson, Jennifer O'Connell, Jamie Isaacs, Sam Whittakers of Shed Media U.S. serve as executive producer for the series, with Melanie Moreau and Bob Kusbit serving as executive producers for CMT.