Cloud Summit: Technology Leaders Set to Meet in Raleigh Aug. 5-6

A range of leading stakeholders in cloud technology are set to gather Aug. 5-6 in Raleigh, N.C., for NewBay Media’s first Cloud Summit. Louis Hillelson, VP and group publisher of NewBay brands Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News, Next TV and Ratings Intelligence, answers questions in a preview of the event.

Why is the cloud so critical to TV companies right now?
Media companies are being asked to do more with less. Cloud technology can provide workflow efficiencies and increased flexibility, while reducing overall costs. The potential is real and exciting.

What are you most looking forward to learning?
I am most excited to hear about current success stories—what is working, how workflows have been improved, the real savings that have occurred, and of course, what the challenges have been and how they’ve been overcome. The VIP tour of the nearby Cloud Data Center — seeing the technology in action — will also be cool and will provide great context.

Who are the keynote speakers we will hear from?
Two outstanding keynote speakers will offer great perspective on the cloud: Jimmy Goodman, vp and general manager of CBC’s New Media Group and Stacey Decker, CTO of WGBH.

What can attendees expect to learn from these panels?
The agenda features panels with a dynamic mix of both user and vendor perspectives. Key cloud topics to be addressed include challenges of video processing; content storage, retrieval, and monetization; file-based workflows; private, public and hybrid models; and the future of the cloud.

Who should come to this event?
This is a high-level technology event, designed for tech executives at TV stations, groups and networks, cable networks and systems, OTT providers and other media/entertainment companies. The Summit’s purpose is to provide a forum for education, discussion, and information sharing. Attendees will leave with a much better understanding and practical advice about cloud-based technologies. We will make it easy for attendees by covering their hotel, food and drinks. Don’t miss this opportunity to network, share best practices and bring critical information back to your organization. If you are responsible for technology in media today, this is a must-attend event.

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