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Chilean Miners' Rescue Sets Records for Univision

The rescue of the Chilean miners produced record setting usage at Univision Interactive Media's online and mobile platforms, with attracting 2.6 million page views and 221,000 unique visits on Oct. 13 and the Univision Móvil WAP site drawing 1.2 million visits, according to a variety of data sources compiled by the Spanish-language broadcaster.

Between its online and mobile efforts, Univision Interactive Media delivered 12.2 million pages and had 2 million visits on Wednesday October 13th. Overall these online and mobile sites had 23.3 million total pages and 3.7 million visits for the 12th and 13th during the final 48 hours of miners' rescue, providing another illustration of the growing important of digital media for Hispanic broadcasters and audiences.

Record setting usage of the non-stop live streaming video of the rescue boosted average time spent at Noticias to nearly 20 minutes (19 minutes and 46 seconds). That surpassed the previous record set the day earlier during coverage of the rescue on Tuesday, when the average session hit 13 minutes and 31 seconds.

On the mobile side, Univision's mobile WAP site has 5 million pages against 2.2 million visits over Tuesday and Wednesday October 12 and 13. The 2.7 million page views at the mobile site was beaten only by the 2.9 million pages viewed this year on the first day of the World Cup.