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CEA Could Get Game

The Consumer Electronics Association is considering launching a spring video game and electronic trade show, starting in 2007.

It has formed an advisory committee to sound out the industry, it said Thursday. CEA points out that it has always attracted a large contingent of gamers to its mamoth Consumer Electronics Show in January, where the Xbox and Playstation were launched or previewed. In fact, CEA says it was the biggest game show before the E3 expo launched in 1994.

Driving the CEA inquiry was the decision by the Entertainment Software Association to refocus its E3 gaming expo in L.A. on press events and small meetings with key players. "E3Expo 2007 will not feature the large trade show environment of previous years," ESA said July 31.

Since then, said CEA President Gary Shapiro, "we have been deluged with inquiries on whether we could fill the tradeshow needs of smaller video entertainment companies."

CEA event and planning executive Karen Chupka says the group will start looking at venues in Las Vegas, where CES is held, and Los Angeles, as well as for potential partners.