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CBS Trims JonBenét Special to Four Hours

The number of programming hours dedicated to JonBenét Ramsey this month is decreasing a bit, as the CBS project The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey will be a four-hour limited series, as opposed to the initial plan for a six-hour series. The special, investigating the murder of the child beauty queen 20 years ago, will air Sunday, Sept. 18, and Monday, Sept. 19, at two hours a night.

CBS had initially planned to air part three the following Sunday, Sept. 25, but will use that slot, leading out of football and the season premiere of 60 Minutes, for the two-hour season premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles.

CBS’ limited series is one of several Ramsey-related TV projects on this month, including specials and movies on ID, A&E and Lifetime. A&E debuted its Sept. 5, while the ID special premieres Sept. 12. Also on Sept. 12, JonBenét’s brother Burke spoke to Dr. Phil McGraw on his syndicated program.

The glut of related programming may have compelled the Case Of: producers to trim away any content that appears to be echoing the previous specials.