CBS Television Distribution Sends In The Doctors

CBS Television Distribution teamed up with Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay McGraw on The Doctors, which will join the syndication fray in the fall of 2008.

The first-run one-hour show was sold into all of the top 10 markets and 18 of the top 20, CBS Television Distribution CEO Roger King said.

The Doctors will be hosted by emergency-room Dr. Travis Stork (The Bachelor), with other participants including Dr. Lisa Masterson, an obstetrician/gynecologist; Dr. Andrew Ordon, a leading plastic surgeon; Dr. Tara Fields, a licensed marriage and family therapist; and Dr. Jim Sears, a renowned pediatrician.

Jay McGraw is executive-producing The Doctors (working title), which “features a dream team of five practicing medical professionals, ranging from a plastic surgeon to an OB/GYN to a therapist, who each day will engage viewers by investigating and discussing hot-button medical topics such as painkillers, obesity, how to lose weight, what not to feed your child and why some vaccines can be dangerous,” the programmer said in a statement.

“This is one of the most exciting launches we’ve had since Dr. Phil,” King said in a statement. “Every major broadcast group in the country has been talking about it. It’s really fun to introduce a whole new genre to first-run syndication, and it’ll take CBS Television Distribution to even greater heights.”