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CBS Pushes Back Start of ‘The Amazing Race’

The season premiere of The Amazing Race on CBS, initially set for May 20, has been pushed to an unannounced date later on this year. On May 20, CBS will premiere the comedic game show Game On!, hosted by Keegan-Michael Key.

Based on the U.K. series A League of Their Own, the show pits two teams of three, captained by star athletes Venus Williams and Rob Gronkowski, alongside comedians Bobby Lee and Ian Karmel and rotating sports stars and celebrities. They compete in physical challenges and trivia.

Game On! comes from Fulwell 73.

CBS will debut competition series Tough As Nails July 8. The show “celebrates everyday Americans who roll up their sleeves and don’t think twice about working long hard hours and getting their hands dirty, in order to keep their country running,” said CBS. Tough As Nails tests strength, endurance, life skills and mental toughness in challenges that take place at real-world job sites.

The series is from Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) and his producing partner, Louise Keoghan.

“These are two timely and entertaining series for summer,” said Noriko Kelley, executive VP, Program Planning and Scheduling, CBS Entertainment. “Game On! is funny, unpredictable and feel-good television, and Tough As Nails celebrates the hard-working heroes of America in a uniquely emotional and gritty real-world competition.”

Game On! is produced by Eye Productions Inc. and Fulwell 73 Productions with CPL Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company. Executive producers for Fulwell 73 are Ben Winston, James Corden and Emma Conway, with David Taylor, Murray Boland and Danielle Lux executive producers for CPL Productions. Rob Gronkowski, Elle Key, Keegan-Michael Key, Henry Penzi and Venus Williams are executive producers.

Tough As Nails is produced by Raquel Productions Inc. in association with Tough House Productions Inc. Phil Keoghan, Louise Keoghan and Anthony Carbone are executive producers.