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CBS Plans To Market OTT Products Together

CBS plans to market its over-the-top subscription products together, offering consumers a discount when they order both CBS All Access and Showtime OTT.

Speaking during CBS’s earnings call Thursday, CBS CEO Les Moonves said there were a lot of exciting marketing plans for both of its OTT services.

“We are planning in the next few months to announce the ability to sell both of them together,” Mooves said, adding that a price point hasn’t been decided yet.

“As we head into the spring and we have Star Trek and Twin Peaks coming out on those competing platforms, how great will it be looking forward to be able to market them together . . . at a slight discount if they buy both,” he said.

CBS has said it has 2 million OTT subscribers, roughly evenly split between CBS All Access and the Showtime service. The company projects having 4 million subs for each by 2020.Mark

“Having a direct relationship with our consumer is a really important thing,” Moonves said. “The more people who are exposed to these platforms, the more they like them. The more we’re doing original content on them, the more they like them.”