CBS News Partners with GlobalPost

CBS News will work with independent foreign news Website GlobalPost via a resource-sharing partnership that gives the broadcast news division access to GlobalPost's stable of foreign correspondents.

Boston-based GlobalPost, which was started in January by New England Cable News founder Phil Balboni, has 70 correspondents based in more than 50 countries. Many of the Website's correspondents, including co-founder Charles Sennott, are erstwhile newspaper reporters. Sennott was a longtime foreign correspondent at the Boston Globe.

"We are excited about increasing CBS News' resources and very pleased to work with GlobalPost's impressive global network of talented and experienced freelance journalists," Paul Friedman, executive VP of CBS News, said in a statement.

CBS News and GlobalPost previously collaborated on a report about attempts by the Taliban to siphon American aid being funneled into Afghanistan.

Partnerships, which can offer significant cost-savings at a time when news organizations are seeing their profits shrink, are becoming a necessity of doing business.

CBS News' 60 Minutes has partnered for the past year with ProPublica, the investigative news site started by former Wall Street Journal editor Paul Steiger.

And PBS' Frontline recently formalized an agreement to work with Boston-based site Tehran Bureau.