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CBS Localizes Audience Network

In an effort to make its Web-video site more local, CBS is partnering its Audience Network with the corporation’s TV and radio stations and their Web sites.

Besides expanding the online syndication of CBS Entertainment, CBS News and CBS Sports to local sites, the agreement sees content produced at the local level shared with CBS Audience Network. CBS’ 29 owned TV stations, 144 radio stations and some 183 affiliated station Web sites will share content with the Audience Network, starting before the new lineup kicks off later this month.

“Leveraging CBS’ local footprint is a big step forward for the network,” said Joe Ferreira, senior vice president and general manager of CBS Audience Network. “Consumers and advertisers continue to benefit as we add reach to our open, nonexclusive syndication strategy. At the same time, CBS local sites gain direct access to CBS video content and boost engagement, while the CBS Audience Network benefits overall.”